Design and Writing

Culture has bequeathed us the status of mere supermarket repositories. As exemplary staffers, we put each of the things on their shelves, that is, in easily recognizable categories. A discourse, following its ideological tendency – its absence is a tendency -, determines tastes and attitudes and, more extremist, the denial of a certain fact. The creation of a world in which pictorial art and written language are opposites is one of these market intellectual tendencies.

Visual identity systems

After World War II, the design effectively contributed to trade relations within the capitalist mode of production. Through visual identity systems, companies found a model that allowed the much-desired universality in the way they communicate, necessary to reach different markets and cultures. Olivetti, IBM, and many others have applied such systems. And, if it were in the US, in Brazil, the consumer’s perception of credibility of the brand was a fact.

Marcas Únicas


O que é um ponto vermelho sobre um fundo branco? Chapeuzinho Vermelho perdida no Ártico. E o que é um ponto branco sobre um fundo vermelho? Um apaixonado santista perdido no meio da torcida do Internacional de Porto Alegre. Em ambos os casos, nos deparamos com a constatação de que a ordem dos fatores não altera o produto diante do efeito de contraste.

Forgotten by Art

The subject is arid, subject to controversy and formed by oxidizing matter. It is only necessary the introduction to the public and we become all versed in it. And the sparks pop up everywhere. However, it is a relevant subject for a few. And the few people who are interested are passionate about the issues that surround it. The subject is art. And you, dear reader, must be frowning the wrinkled or filled with botox forehead at this poor mortal. Be patient because it will be short, as I do not intend to deal with all art. The intention is to speculate on the following question: what drives the artist to make art?