Guarânia produces beef sausages, a pantanal tradition from a long time. And the differential of the product is in the sustainable way in which it is produced (ox raised in pasture, less use of chemical components in conservation of sausage, among other aspects). However, the brand’s behavior, both from the speech and graphic point of view, did not reflect the principles of the brand. In this scenario, Laika has developed a restructuring in brand strategy.

First, we rethought the brand architecture. We created a second brand, Churras, to offer a line of products with a different approach to Guarânia. Then, for Guarânia, we structured a tag line which converges to the essence of the brand: “sausage with pantanal soul”, making tangible the concepts that are inherent to the brand. In the next step, we created a playful concept, incorporating cultural elements of Pantanal. Thus, the packaging brings a classic narrative of cartoon chase, in this case, the alligator chasing the ox. This narrative model was expanded for all communication.

Finally, we made the graphic design adjustments, building a unique language project and in synergy with the elaborated concepts, such as logo proportion, typographic family usage, color palette, packaging design.